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The face of a shapeless entity reflected on infinite topological space.
Azazel, 21 years old guy living in the middle of nowhere. Aspiring to teach someday at a highschool (literature would be great) and living out of my writings.
I'm into a lot of things, you can get an idea through my posts. And yeah, I tend to spend a lot of time online, so if you ever ask me something it is most likely I will answer immediately.


Berlin street artistVermibus dissolves advertisements with solvents, giving them an eerie mummified look. 

Watch his video here


ACHENBACH, OswaldFireworks in Naples1875Oil on canvas, 66 x 102 cmThe Hermitage, St. Petersburg


Fireworks in Naples
Oil on canvas, 66 x 102 cm
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg



College students: find the cheapest textbook prices with

So excited that slugbooks made a GIF of this!  I’m sure a lot of you guyscould use this, so spread it around!

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